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Athletic Finger Tape Variety Pack (0.3"/0.4"/0.5")

Athletic Finger Tape Variety Pack (0.3"/0.4"/0.5")

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Introducing the KILLAGRIPS Athletic Finger Tape Variety Pack, featuring our specially designed tape in sizes 0.3", 0.4", and 0.5". Available in black, natural, and white, this pack is the result of exhaustive testing with elite athletes across Climbing, MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, CrossFit, and a multitude of other sports.


  • Comprehensive Size Selection: Tailor your protection with 0.3", 0.4", and 0.5" options, ensuring the perfect fit for every finger and every challenge.
  • Elite-Level Trust: Relied upon by world champions for unparalleled performance and protection.
  • No-Residue Adhesive: Our special glue formula guarantees a clean removal, preserving your skin's health.
  • Enhanced Sweat Resistance: A secure grip that lasts, no matter the intensity of your activity.
  • Superior Length: Each roll offers 45 feet of the highest-quality finger tape, ready for any sport or activity.

With the KILLAGRIPS Athletic Finger Tape Variety Pack, you're not just prepared; you're equipped to excel. Whether you're lifting weights, grappling on the mat, or reaching for the next hold, our tape provides the support and confidence needed to push your limits.


  • Colors Available: Black, Natural, White
  • Quantity: 1 variety pack including 0.3", 0.4", and 0.5" tapes
  • Length per Roll: 45 feet
  • Material: Designed for durability and comfort
  • Adhesive: High-grade, residue-free glue for a secure fit
  • Features: Sweat-resistant to ensure your performance isn't compromised
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