Welcome to KillaGrips — the best athletic tape brand for athletes looking for superior performance and reliability. Our specially formulated tape is designed to stay securely in place, even during intense workouts and showers, making it the ultimate water and sweat-resistant tape. Whether you're a professional athlete or a fitness enthusiast, you can now conveniently buy sports tape online and experience the difference of KillaGrips. Say goodbye to unreliable sports and discover the strength and durability of our athletic tape.

Champion's Choice: KillaGrips 1" Tape

Ryan Garcia and Fernando Vargas trust KillaGrips 1" Tape for its unmatched durability and superior adhesion. Protect your joints. Elevate your game.

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Embrace the Future With KillaGrips 1" Tape

Train like the future of boxing with KillaGrips 1" Tape. Designed for champions, tested by the best. Emiliano Vargas trusts Killagrips to protect his hands. Wrap with the best. Your journey starts here.

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Assassin Baby Approved

I trust KillaGrips to raise my performance. At this point in my career, I wouldn't use anything else. I love KillaGrips.

-Brandon Moreno

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Climb Longer

KillaGrips tapes help to keep my fingers in shape. My tendons don't feel so tight.

- Yasmin Jauregui

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  • Joint Health

    It doesn't matter what sport you participate in, athletic tape has been used for decades to prevent joint injury and improve performance. Whether you're recovering from an injury or trying to prevent one, KillaGrips athletic tape will help.

  • Versatile

    There is a KillaGrips tape for whatever sport you practice. While our roots are in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, we have tapes designed for a variety of different sports, including climbing, baseball, gymnastics, football, tennis, and every other sport you can think of.

  • Improved Performance

    Grip strength is decreased over time with repeated overuse and stress. It is inevitable that over time your muscles will fatigue and lose some of that strength. KillaGrips tape can help reduce the stress suffered by your joints and muscles and increase the time in the fight.

  • Dependable Athletic Finger Tape

    Our athletic finger tape is made to be dependable. It is stronger and lasts longer than any other athletic tape on the market. Stop worrying about your finger tape coming off mid-roll or while sending a complicated route. We designed KillaGrip tape because we weren't satisfied with the options on the market.

Unlike other athletic tape options on the market, our tape is designed and perfected by athletes who understand the frustrations and limitations of inferior products. Experience the KillaGrips difference and never compromise on performance again. Say goodbye to sports tape mishaps and hello to a new level of security and confidence with KillaGrips athletic tape!