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Premium Hand Wraps - 2 rolls

Premium Hand Wraps - 2 rolls

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Protect your hands from sweat and injury with our premium hand wraps. Designed specifically for boxing, these handwraps provide superior protection and are sweat resistant, keeping your hands dry and comfortable during even the toughest workouts. Invest in your safety and performance with our high-quality premium hand wraps.

  • Specifically Designed with your hands and feet in mind. We use these tapes ourselves and made them specifically for hard use.
  • Special Glue will not leave residue on your hands when you take it off.
  • Sweat Resistant Unlike other tapes it will stay on your hands when you want it to. No more worrying about finger tape coming off due to sweaty hands and fingers.
  • 180 inches per roll of the best handwrap on the planet.
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