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Athletic Tape Roll (1 inch)

Athletic Tape Roll (1 inch)

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Introducing KillaGrips 1" Tape Sweat & Water resistant , meticulously crafted for boxing enthusiasts and professionals. Our tape isn't just a roll; it's a commitment to excellence in hand protection. Designed with a special adhesive formula, it leaves no residue, ensuring your hands stay clean and free from sticky build-up.

Built for the toughest rounds, KillaGrips 1" Tape is sweat-resistant and has undergone rigorous testing with professional athletes. It's the go-to choice for champions who demand peak performance and durability.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or stepping into the ring for the first time, trust in KillaGrips to provide the ultimate hand wrap. Elevate your boxing experience with a tape that's as dedicated to the sport as you are. Wrap your hands in confidence, wrap them with KillaGrips 1" Tape.

  • Specifically Designed with your hands and feet in mind. We use these tapes ourselves and made them specifically for hard use.
  • Special Glue will not leave residue on your hands when you take it off.
  • Sweat Resistant Unlike other tapes it will stay on your hands when you want it to. No more worrying about finger tape coming off due to sweaty hands and fingers.
  • 60 feet per roll of the best .3 inch finger tape on the planet.
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