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Athletic Finger Tape Variety Pack (0.2"/0.3"/0.4")

Athletic Finger Tape Variety Pack (0.2"/0.3"/0.4")

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Elevate your performance with KILLAGRIPS Athletic Finger Tape Variety Pack. Trusted by champions and tested across sports, it offers uncompromised support with three customizable sizes. Featuring residue-free glue and sweat resistance, each roll provides 45 feet of durable tape for peak performance.


  • Enhanced grip and joint protection
  • Variety pack with three sizes for customizable performance
  • Residue-free special glue for clean removal
  • Sweat-resistant for reliable grip in any condition
  • 45 feet of premium finger tape per roll

Feel the confidence that comes from using KILLAGRIPS' Athletic Finger Tape Variety Pack, knowing you have the support needed to excel in your sport. Whether you're securing grips in climbing, protecting joints in MMA, or optimizing performance in CrossFit, this variety pack is designed to meet your needs.


  • Sizes Included: 0.2 inch, 0.3 inch, 0.4 inch
  • Quantity: 1 roll per size
  • Length per Roll: 45 feet
  • Material: Crafted for maximum durability and comfort
  • Adhesive: High-quality, special glue for firm adherence and easy, clean removal
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